Massage Descriptions




The goal of Swedish Massage is to melt away muscle tension and increase blood flow. Swedish Massage decreases muscle toxins, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and improves flexibility in the body. 




Therapeutic massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve muscle tension or discomfort and improve range of motion throughout the body.  




On-Site Chair Massage is great for many events such as:

Employee Appreciation, Off-site Events, Bonuses, Job Promotions, Meetings & Seminars, Company Picnics, Quarter End, Office Parties, Health Fairs, Family Gatherings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Bachellorette Parties, Girls Night, etc.



Prenatal massage focuses on your special needs as your body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It relieves pain in the muscles and joints, improves circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue. 

Foot Scrub


Enjoy a luxurious sea salt or sugar foot scrub to exfoliate and soften your tired, achy feet. 

Massage Pricing

Friends Day

3-5 people

Book a day with 3- 5 of your friends and/or family! One person will get a massage while the others socialize in the parlor or bistro. Games, coffee, tea and snacks are available. Wine, cheese and charcuterie boards are available for an additional charge.