Dough Re Mi


Dough Re Mi Fa So…well you get the point, and I think this pastry shop got it too as the cute play on words works to perfection. A coworker and I stumbled unto this establishment during our morning walks and the manager was super friendly! He noticed my coworker had purchased a bagel from another establishment and he wanted to prove to him that his store had better ones. He took us inside and had one of the workers in the back make both my coworker and I anything we wanted, all on the house. My coworker got the same bagel he had just bought from the other vendor and I got a similar one but plain and with the same butter and jelly. We thanked him immensely and to repay him back, we decided to revisit the shop the next day and purchase something just to show our appreciation.


Dough Re Mi specializes specifically in pastries. They’re purveyors of gourmet donuts where you can get whatever you want, with everything from the filling to the toppings to the glaze! It’s really a smorgasbord of options they give you and countless combinations for one to create. Along with the donuts, they also have bagels, brownies, and coffee, along with tea and other assorted drinks for sale.


The staff is mostly girls and they’re all real friendly. They all got together to take a picture I requested and was very social media happy, asking me to pose with my donut I got for their Instagram page. They also asked me to tag them when I upload the picture and the review, which I found to be a nice touch seeing as how most establishments don’t really understand social media. I got a donut with honey, graham cracker topping and no glaze and no filling. It was really good and the price was good as well. I plan on going back just because of their generosity alone, and that’s how any business retains customers. It is located on 36 Water Street in the financial district so stop by if you’re ever in the area!





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Aleo is a quaint little restaurant Italian restaurant located in the Flatiron district. It is full of old school charm and gives you an escape into Tuscany that you otherwise wouldn’t expect. The decor, the atmosphere and the waiters do a great job of reminding you of this escape. The tables are old wood and covered in white sheets, with napkins. The portraits on the wall are also indicative of this, and I loved them. They are old school portraits of people from a different era who once frequented the Aleo establishment and fit perfectly with the decor, here’s a look…


The food was really good. We ordered a rice meal, which came in a skillet bowl that was piping hot and was delicious. The second was the pasta, which came in two portions, half or full. They had various varieties but I ordered the half of one of the options with chicken and it was delicious. We finished everything!



The waiter was very courteous as well and the price was decent. I plan on going back to Aleo whenever I’m in the area and I suggest you do as well!



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For French Restaurant Week, I decided to try Tree, one of the hottest spots to arrive in the New York restaurant scene the past few years. It was a task to get a reservation when it first opened but things have settled and Tree is pretty accessible if you go for lunch or early in the night before the rush hour.


It was the perfect choice for Bastille Week because the place is really worth the hype. The space is really inconspicuous when you first approach it, as you don’t expect to find such a non-assuming place would be so spacious inside and have so much to offer. The inside reminds me of various french bistros I’ve been to throughout the city, but the real gem is the garden in the back. While I’ve been to other restaurant with back gardens as well, I loved the whimsical feel of the decor. They had art on the tent that showed a tree on wall, with birds flying from it all the way to the ceiling. The description doesn’t do it justice so take a look at the picture below. The seating was fairly standard, but the chairs weren’t really as comfy as I expected them to be. I also wish the table had more real estate, but it was good enough.



The food is really really good, at least the specially menu items they had as specials for the celebration. The Steak was well cooked and came with a side of fries. It was a bit chewy but tasted great nonetheless. The chicken was amazing. It was well portioned just like the steak, with a great sauce, grilled veggies and mashed potatoes. They were each $17.89, its significance being the same number of year that France gained in its independence. All other restaurants participating this week are using the same pricing as well, so take advantage of it!



The drink was great! I don’t know where they get the Elder Flower from, but I really wish I could purchase it outside the establishment, and that’s where Google comes in, which I am about to start doing immediately! The bread was pretty standard fare and the place was quiet enough for you to be audible to anyone you’re with. I highly recommend trying out Tree before French Restaurant Week aka Bastille Week is over as you can see from the pictures below, we cleaned our plates, and if you end up at any other spot, let me know how it was! You can find the full list of restaurants at and make reservations at





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5 NapKin Burger

5 Napkin Burger

5 NapKin is a gourmet burger spot with multiple locations across the city. They cover everywhere from the village to midtown and uptown. There’s also outposts in Miami and other states as well. The Union Square location is my favorite as I love dining outside and getting a scenic view of the hustle and bustle crowd that team out of Whole Foods, Best Buy and the other assorted stores location around Union Square park. The park is also prime for catching various chic individuals who have very eclectic tastes, so they also walk by as well.



The menu here is not just for burgers as they also offer sushi, tacos, sliders and entree plates such as steak. I, however, mostly go for their burgers and they’re good. You can pack them with as many toppings as you’d like, from guacamole to fried onions to peppers. The burgers are pretty sizable and they give you an assortment of sides to choose from as well. The burger comes with fries and they’re reasonably priced, around $10 each. I always go with the sweet potato fries, I recommend it over the normal fries they’ll give you if you just order the burger with fries and not ask for a replacement.



The pictures you see are that of the chicken sandwich with pepperjack cheese, with guacamole and the avocado ranch burger. They were both great, and that drink you see was amazing! I went with water and regretted it after tasting the drink. Enjoy and hopefully I’ll see you guys there soon when I go back!
5 Napkin Burger (1)

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NGAM is a neighborhood gem, one of those places where you’re pleasantly surprised when you enter and realize just how special it is. Firs the decor. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The place looks like an industrial factory, with bare walls and pipes running on top of the place. There’s also a purposefully run-down signage with a quote about cooking from Julia Child, a rather great quote if I might add, on it. It’s extremely cute and here’s a picture:
The sign is broken at the edges as to go with the whole industrial theme. Accros from that sign is a huge chalkboard filled with writings about the establishment’s specials and recognitions, in different chalk colors. There’s also a picture of a little kid on a bicycle, maybe the owner and another chalkboard welcoming you to Ngam. Here’s more pictures of these:


Moving on to the food, it tastes great, I had the thai omelette, which is filled with rice and shrimp!!! It was delicious and very big. We also ordered the thai chicken and waffles, which unlike most places, is with chicken wings rather than the thigh or breast. That was good too. The drinks are amazing, like the coconut one with actual coconut pieces in it and the thai one I got, which I forgot the name but was delicious.



I fell in love with the place when I witnessed the entire staff take a communal lunch together right before they opened for dinner. It was so homely and surreal. I’m definitely going back to this place and hopefully you’ll have visited before then. It is right next to Union Square on 13th and 3rd so GO!


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Breeze Thai Kitchen

The family stopped for dinner after trying to catch a movie and it being sold out. I was with my brother, sister and a few friends and we had a blast just enjoying the city and walking around. We took our appetizing frustrations out on the spicy entrees from Breeze. The food here is really good and flavorful. The decor is also very homely and the menus are whimsical, packaged in CD style cases and the list of items presented as track listings. The audio CD-like slide out contains the drinks list, which makes it all the more presentable.





Everyone had variations of different fried rice entrees, from chicken to beef to shrimp. I had the five spice chicken and another friend had a different chicken entree, of which I can’t quite remember the name. They were all good, but the portions weren’t ample enough and left some of the crew starving. I knew what to expect so I wasn’t that disappointed, but the others were a bit peeved. Although they heaped praises upon how great it tasted, they wished it was a bit more to the portion. The prices were reasonable and the drinks were great as well, as well all ordered Pineapple juice!





Overall it was a great night and I’ll definitely be back to Breeze again. They’re one of out ofa handful of places that can make food spicy enough for me. Til next time!

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Dessert Club, Chikalicious

Took a trip to the little walk-in outpost of my favorite Dessert place in the city, Chikalicious. The fancy, 3-course dessert pairing extravaganza also has a walk-in outpost with few seating options but a wonderful array of options for great desserts. This is the one to go to if you crave some amazing cheesecake or ice cream on theh go and don’t want to splurge on just desserts on a nice sunny day. My full review of the dine-in establishment, which is directly across the street, will be up at a later date, but until then enjoy these scrumptious pictures, because I did! We went with the Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream and the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, both incredibly scrumptious. As the weather gets nice, I highly recommend a trip to this dessert haven.











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Kittichai (3)
Kittichai is one of those foodie destinations that I would recommend. The place is gorgeous and food is great. It is also located behind foliage, which makes it even more of a must-visit destination. I went there for lunch so that’s the menu I shall be speaking on here.

Kittichai (2)

Let’s start with the decor. The place has a prestine buddha like atmosphere to it and it is so welcoming that once you settle in, you might not want to leave. They have plush chairs and pillows which makes it worse if you just go there for food at lunch and have to return back to your rigid work chairs. It also has a serene pond in the middle of the restaurant, with huge floating leaves and candles in it. It is a great addition to an already great design and I loved it. There are also buddha structures all over the place and a birdcage with a bird in it at the entrance.

Kittichai (1)

It is asian so you know spice is the name of the game and to this end, they get it right. I had the Chiang Mai Chicken Curry Noodles with pickled mustard greens and my friend had the Shrimp Fried Rice with green mango, jasmine rice crackers, sunny side egg. Mine was good, but I preferred her fried rice, which was topped with egg and was really good. They were both seasoned just right and a bit spicy as they should be.


The drinks were fantastic. I don’t quite remember the names of them but I liked them a whole lot.


The waiter was friendly and attentive but it was pretty empty on the afternoon that we were there so I don’t know if that is applicable around the clock or everyday. That being said, they did good and I would recommend this place to anyone celebrating an occassion or one who lives or work by Thompson street to stop in for a bite, you won’t regret it.






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Sugar and Plumm

IMAG0864_1Tooth killers. That’s what I call places like Sugar and Plumm and Dylan’s Candy Bar. They’re dessert havens where if you go, you’re going to be indulging in treats not good for your teeth or your diet, but that’s exactly why I love these places. They don’t pretend to be anything else but letting you live out your childhood fantasies of living in a candy or ice cream shop and Sugar and Plumm does a wonderful at this. The place is like a purple wonderland with the color all over the tablecloths and pillars. There’s also a huge mural on the wall that just brings the vision of the establishment to life.



Sugar and Plumm has a food menu with many American staples such as chicken and waffles and pasta, but that’s not what anyone goes to a place like this for, as they can be had anywhere. The desserts are the stars here and boy do they shine. They are reasonably priced, around $10 on average and they’re huge. I mean I’m talking about goblets full of ice cream, fruits and chocolates huge. I got the classic Sugar and Plumm Ice Cream Sundae and she got the Brownie a La Mode. Mine was obviously much bigger and it took as over 30 minutes to finish them but they were all well worth it.





Just look at the pictures below and see why you have to visit this place. Your inner child will thank you. I’m already planning my next trip!




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Grand Sichuan

Asian Food. Thai. Chinese. Vietnamese. I love all of it and Grand Sichuan is no different. With plenty of locations in New York City, it’s a great destination for good food and good prices. I’m privy to the one on 7th Avenue in the village so that’s the one I’m reviewing here. Take the 1 to Houston st. and walk right over. The place is standard restaurant fair when it comes to the decor, but there was a striking painting on the wall that caught my attention, which you can see below. It’s in a dining table setting and I liked the caricatures.

On to what you came here for, which is the food. It’s good. Really good. And spicy. If you’re not into spice, I advise you to not order anything from the spicy side of things, which is indicated by red chili peppers on the menu. I had the Kung Bao chicken, which was well seasoned and plenty. They come in various sizes depending on how much food you want but the regular size, not the big one was enough for me. My coworkers had the rest of the food posted here, which I can’t really remember the name of one at the moment but the other was Shrimp Pad Tai and they all said they enjoyed it. The spring roll was huge by the way and not oily at all, like what you would get from other restaurants.

The waiters were friendly enough and pretty knowledgeable about the menu and their job. The bill was cheap in the end and the food was great, so we’re definitely planning on going back. Hopefully I’ll try something else but that kung bao chicken was so good that I might just stick with that!

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